PUBG Mobile Ban: PUBG Corp Pulls Back Association From Tencent Games in India


The Royal Battle Game is good news for PUBG fans. The recently banned PUBG in India may return again in the country. South Korean company Bluehole, which produces PUBG games, has broken its franchise agreement with Chinese company Tencent Games. The company had given the franchise of PUBG Games in India to Tencent Games, which has been withdrawn.

PUBG Corporation will now handle all the responsibilities of the game in India by itself. PUBG Corporation is part of the South Korean company Bluehole. After this decision of the company, there are speculations that PUGB may be re-entered in India.

Fans of gaming in the country are very unhappy with the banning of PUBG Mobile. In this regard, PUBG Corp stated that they are aware of the entire matter and are investigating the reasons for the ban on the game. The company said that in India, control of PUBG Mobile will no longer be in the hands of Tencent Games and in India, the entire responsibility of this game will be with PUBG Corporation. The company said that we have terminated our franchise agreement with Tencent Games for India.

PUBG Corp said in its statement, PUBG Corporation understands and respects the steps taken by the government. The company’s biggest responsibility is to keep users’ data secure. The company wants to restart the game for players in association with the Indian government. The company says that it will operate the game according to Indian rules.

Tencent Games lost $ 34 billion

Let us tell you that Tencent Games has lost $ 34 billion after the ban on PubG Mobile in India. The company’s market value has decreased by $ 34 billion. The loss comes a day after the company banned 118 Chinese apps. The Central Government had recently banned 118 Chinese apps including PUBG. Under which both PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite have been banned in India.

All 118 banned apps are being removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The central government has banned these apps for security reasons and for stealing data from users. The government says that these banned apps were a threat to India’s sovereignty, integrity, security and peacekeeping. With this move of the government, the data of crores of Indian mobile and internet users will be protected.


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