Police Arrested Son For The Murder Of Former Indian Cricketer

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Thiruvananthapuram: Police on Wednesday arrested the son of former Ranji cricketer Jayamohan Thampi for murder. Thampi was found dead in his house here last week. His post-mortem report revealed that he died of a head injury following which his son Ashwin was arrested. Police said that they have been charged under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Thampi (62 years) retired as Deputy General Manager of State Bank of Travancore. He died on Saturday, but the incident was detected on Monday after 36 hours when his workmate informed the neighbours that the house smelled bad. Police said the two were drinking alcohol and when Thampi asked for his ATP card from his son, an argument ensued between the two, after which Ashwin allegedly pushed his father, who suffered a head injury and died.

Police said Ashwin claimed that he sought help from his younger brother and other relatives, but no one came forward and continued to drink. According to police, he slept in the same room where his father’s body was lying. Thampi was cremated on Monday in which Ashwin was also present. Police said, “Thampi’s son claimed that he did not know that his father had died.” The Kerala Cricket Association mourned the death of former cricket.

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