PM Modi’s ‘special aircraft’ reached India from the US


New Delhi: Boeing 777, a special aircraft prepared for Prime Minister Narendra Modi by America, landed at Delhi International Airport at 3 pm on Thursday. Equipped with capabilities like Air Force One of the President of America, this aircraft has many features. Apart from the Prime Minister, President Ram Nath Kovind and Vice President Venkaiah Naidu will also use this aircraft.

Prime Minister Modi’s ‘impregnable fort’ flying in the air
Super VIP aircraft has a top speed of 900 km per hour. This aircraft is so powerful that even the missiles of the enemies become neutral. This special aircraft designed in the US for Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the Boeing 777. This huge aircraft from America has arrived on Indian soil on Thursday. This aircraft has a number of features.

Equipped with powers like the American President’s aircraft
This aircraft is equipped with many powers like Air Force One of the US President. The aircraft has its own missile defence system. This aircraft also has a mirror ball system. This can confuse modern infrared signal-fired missiles. That is, there will be no impact of the missile attack on this aircraft.

Enemy radar can be jammed
The next part of this aircraft has a jammer. Which has the power to jam the enemy’s radar signal. The aircraft is equipped with self-protection suites and state-of-the-art communication systems. It has the ability to fuel the air itself. Once refuelled, you can take a long flight from America to India.

Deal of two aircraft from America
India had signed two such aircraft with the US in February at a cost of Rs 8400 crore. It is believed that the arrival of another aircraft from America may also happen soon. This super VIP plane will be operated by the Indian Air Force, not Air India.


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