PM Modi holds High-level meeting with CMs of 7 States/UTs

PM Narendra Modi Independence Day 2020 (Source Twitter)

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting with Chief Ministers on Wednesday regarding the Corona epidemic. After the meeting, the Prime Minister said that the facilities related to corona treatment have been developed in the past months, it is helping us a lot in combating corona.

Now we have to strengthen the infrastructure related to Corona, which is our health-connected, tracking-tracing network, and also to train them better. He said that every state should look at how effective they are in preventing corona, which is a local lockdown of 1-2 days. Is it because of this that there are problems in starting economic activities in your state? I urge all states to think seriously about this.

PM Modi further said that effective testing, tracing, treatment, surveillance and clear messaging, we have to increase our focus further.

Effective messaging is also necessary because most infections are without symptoms. In such a situation, rumours start flying. It starts raising doubts in the mind of the common man that testing is not bad at all. Not only this, but some people also make the mistake of underestimating the severity of the infection.

Addressing the Chief Minister’s meeting, the Prime Minister said that India has ensured the supply of life-saving medicines in the world even in difficult times. In such a situation, medicines easily reach from one state to another, we have to see it together. We have to continue the demonstration of restraint, compassion, dialogue and cooperation that the country has shown in this Corona period. Along with the fight against infection, now we have to move forward with full force on the economic front.

Let us know that Corona cases have crossed 56 lakhs in the country. Of these, the number of active cases is above 9 lakh, while more than 46 lakh people have also recovered from Corona. The death toll from Corona has reached beyond 90 thousand. For the past five days, the number of people recovering from corona continuously is higher than the infected people.


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