People Troll On JAVED AKHTAR’s Statement Regarding Namaz, Now Author Gives A Befitting Reply

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New Delhi: Javed Akhtar, a well-known lyricist of the Hindi cinema world, is also famous for his outspokenness with his songs. He keeps sharing his impeccable statements with people on Twitter every day. On social and political issues, he always gets praise for openly speaking. Now Javed Akhtar said it was disturbing to give a call on loudspeaker. But the fanatical religious people did not like his statement and people started trolling him.

In a tweet, Javed Akhtar wrote, ‘For almost 50 years in India, there was haram on loudspeakers. After this, it became halal and so halal that there was no limit to it. It is fine to do Ajan but doing it on loudspeaker becomes a cause of inconvenience to others. I hope at least this time he will do it himself.”

As soon as this tweet of Javed Akhtar came out, people started bombarding him with stupid comments. One user wrote that ‘We have hymns on loudspeakers in the temple here every day, what is your opinion on this?’ To this, Javed Akhtar replied, ‘Whether it is a temple or a mosque, sometimes a loudspeaker on a festival, let’s be okay. But every day it should be neither in the temple nor in the mosque. Ajan was given without a loudspeaker for more than a thousand years. Ajan is an integral part of your belief, it is not a gadget.

Another user said, ‘I disagree with your statement. Please do not give statements related to Islam and its faith. You know that we are not playing songs in high voice nor doing any bad work. Ajan is a very beautiful call to prayer and to walk on the right path.

Taking a dig at this user, Javed Akhtar gave a befitting reply and wrote, ‘So you are saying that all those Islamic knowledge who had loudspeaker for 50 years were wrong. And they did not know what they were talking about. If you have the courage then say so, I will tell you the names of those scholars.

Now many people have also come forward who are supporting Javed Akhtar and now his statement has started a new debate.


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