Paresh Rawal Did This TWEET Amidst Corona Crisis, People’s Anger Got Out Of Control

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New Delhi: The number of people infected with Coronavirus in India has reached a figure of about 82 thousand. So far 81 thousand 970 people have been affected by the pandemic, out of which 2 thousand 649 people have died. There is a situation of lockdown in the country these days for the war against this virus, due to which all the stars of Bollywood from ordinary citizens of the country are also locked in their homes.

At the same time, the activation of Bollywood celebs on social media has increased significantly during this lockdown. These celebs are constantly sharing their old things from Corona on their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account. Meanwhile, Bollywood veteran actor Paresh Rawal has made a tweet that people are extremely angry and are trolling him fiercely on social media.

Paresh Rawal has written in a tweet. ‘At least, for the time being, people will not dare to ask for a selfie nor will they bother.’ Now people are continuously venting their anger on Paresh Rawal by commenting on this tweet. People believe that amid the Corona crisis, Paresh Rawal expresses his opinion. Let me tell you, even before this on the Coronavirus, Paresh Rawal had made a tweet, which also became quite viral. When the first lockdown was announced in the country, Paresh Rawal made a tweet about social distancing. He wrote while tweeting, ‘Find the Hindi name of final social distancing. In Hindi, it is called ‘tan distance’.


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