New motor vehicle rules from October 1


New Delhi: The rule that always keeps the necessary documents associated with the car has changed from today. The government has amended the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989 to promote digitization and prevent harassment of drivers. From today, it will not be necessary to keep the original copy of documents like RC of the vehicle with you.

Let us know which changes have happened in the rules

Physical verification of vehicle documents is no longer necessary

Today, ie from 1 October, a digital copy of all documents related to the vehicle will be accepted. There is no need to keep the physical form close for examination. E-challans will be provided on the digital portal of the government so that violators of the rules can get complete information about it.

Unnecessary checking will end

The records of those who break the rules will now be maintained electronically. During this time, the behaviour of the driver will also be monitored by the authorities. Not only this, the time stamp of the inspection and the picture of the police officer in uniform will also be uploaded on the portal. This will be done to eliminate unnecessary checks.

Where do you need to keep the documents now

Vehicle drivers will now have to save their car documents and licenses on the Central Government’s online portal Digilocker and M-Transport. Digilocker was launched by the government with the aim that all the work related to governance can be made paperless.

The invoice will be held on holding the phone in hand

If you are using the phone while driving, then it will be heavy for you. According to the new rules, you have to use the phone carefully for root navigation or any other work, and during this time the phone should not be in your hand. If the phone appears in the hand while driving, it can be invoiced.


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