Mumbai: On seeing the car parked in the sinkhole, the car parked in the parking lot, BMC shrugged off the responsibility

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Mumbai: A video of Mumbai’s Ghatkopar is becoming increasingly viral on social media in which a car drowns in a water pit on the road. This shocking video is being told of Ghatkopar West Cama Lane, on which BMC has issued a statement.

Car parked on the road drowned in a water pit

This video is from a society named Ram Niwas. Let us tell you that the place where the car is submerged, there was a well earlier. The people of the society had closed the well and started parking there, however, the accident happened due to the ground slipping but no one was harmed. According to the information, this car belongs to a person named Pankaj Mehta.

Significantly, people are facing heavy rains at this time in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

BMC statement

The BMC stated on Sunday saying that ‘the corporation has nothing to do with this car accident’. This incident is of private society in the Ghatkopar area.

He said- “A video of a car parked around a private society in Ghatkopar West is going viral on social media. In this regard, it has been informed by the Corporation’s Emergency Management Department that the incident in this video took place in Ghatkopar West Zone on the morning of 13 June 2021.

He further said- “There is a well in the premises of this society. On half of the well, the well was covered by the RCC. The people of the society used to park their vehicles in the RCC area. Preliminary information has revealed that a car parked at RCC has drowned in water. No one was killed or injured in this incident as no one was in the car at that time.”

According to the statement, “The work of drainage is being coordinated by the concerned departmental office of the Municipal Corporation in this regard. Along with this, the concerned society has been informed to take immediate necessary steps for the safety of this place. Officers/employees of Ghatkopar police station are also present on the spot.”


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