Mohan Bhagwat discusses various social issues

Mohan Bhagwat. (Source: Twitter)

Kanpur: Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat explained the importance of family along with Hindutva and said that the family is not just husband, wife and one or 2 children. After discussing several social issues on the last day of the 2-day meeting of the Sangh in Kanpur, Mohan Bhagwat said that the family is not just husband, wife and children.

The family also includes aunt, uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother etc. In order to maintain all relationships, it is very important for the child to be cultured from the early times, so the parents should plan to build their rites from the early times.

He said that the child should generate a sense of guest Devo bhava from childhood itself. Children should also remember the mythological stories by putting pictures of great men in the house. He appreciated the program done by the Hindu Spiritual and Service Foundation and said that the volunteers of the Sangh should increase their support in any work done by the social organization and religious organizations in the interest of the country, in the interest of the nation.

On the subject of social harmony, he also took information from the workers. 1 Sarsanghchalak said that there is no such caste in which the best, great and patriotic people have not been born. Great men are great men only by their best works and they have to maintain their sense of being seen in society.

At the end of the address, he said that there is a need to give importance to cow-based agriculture. The cow also has scientific significance with a sense of reverence.


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