Modi Government’s Mega Plan For Migrant Labourers, Crores Of Workers Will Get These Benefits

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New Delhi: There was a lot of politics about the migrant labourers. The government also understood their problems and now considering it as an opportunity, the government has prepared a mega plan for them. Focusing on 116 districts of the country, the central government has started work on making a permanent plan for migrant labourers. In these 116 districts of 6 states, the highest number of migrant labourers have returned.

The Modi government has prepared a mega plan for migrant labourers losing livelihood and employment due to lockdown. The Central Government has identified 116 districts in 6 states of the country where the largest number of migrant labourers have returned during the lockdown.

Out of 116 districts selected by the central government, the maximum number of 32 districts are from Bihar. After that, there are 31 districts of UP. There are 24 districts in Madhya Pradesh, 22 in Rajasthan, 3 in Jharkhand and 4 in Odisha.

Now the government has prepared a mega plan for these migrant labourers. Under which the entire blueprint has been prepared for the rehabilitation and employment of crores of migrant labourers who have returned to their states and villages. Now, in these 116 districts, the social welfare and direct benefit schemes of the central government will be run in a mission mode. The objective is to ensure the benefits of livelihood, employment, skill development and poor welfare facilities for the returned migrants.

These districts will increasingly work under other central schemes including MNREGA, Skill India, Jan Dhan Yojana, Kisan Kalyan Yojana, Food Security Scheme, PM Awas Yojana. Along with focusing on these districts, other central schemes will also be implemented in a targeted manner under the recently announced Self-Reliant India Campaign.

All the Ministries of the Central Government have been told that in two weeks, the proposals of the schemes keeping these districts in mind, are prepared and sent to the PMO. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set the goal of creating a self-reliant India.

For this, economic packages have also been announced for many areas. But this is happening for the first time that several schemes will be implemented simultaneously keeping in mind about one crore labourers. The government believes that after the implementation of these schemes, these workers will be able to get better employment in their own states. And if this happens, in the future in any crisis like Corona, there will be no chance of these workers to flee.


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