Lockdown also affected the donations received to Sai Baba Temple Trust, causing so much damage

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Maharashtra: Lockdown has also affected the donations coming to temples. The Sai Baba Temple Trust of Shirdi is incurring a loss of more than one and a half crore rupees daily. In this temple of Shirdi, 600 crore rupees a year come as an offering. That is, Baba receives more than one crore 64 lakh rupees daily.

After the closure of the temple, from March 17 to May 3, only 2 crores 53 lakh and a few thousand rupees came through an online donation. That is, only about 6 lakh rupees came in the offerings of daily offerings.

In such a situation, the Sai Baba Trust is incurring a loss of 1 crore 58 lakh daily. If this lockdown continues like this and goes on till June, the temple trust will incur a loss of more than Rs 150 crore. Due to the closure of the temple, 8-9 Sai devotees visit Baba daily.

In normal days, 40-50 thousand devotees of Baba visit every day and donate more than one crore rupees in the box, which is mostly in the form of cash.

There are many social works done by Sai Baba Institute of Shirdi. On behalf of Shirdi institute, people who are given laddus as prasad at a cheap rate, the institute spends Rs 40 crore every year on it.

After this, thousands of people are given free treatment every year by the Shirdi Institute. Then, whether it is heart operation or a large number of dialysis machines, there are other tasks.

The institute spends 100 crores every year on medical. Shirdi Institute spends a large amount on the education of poor children. 15 crore rupees are spent on this. Around 8000 employees work day and night to keep Baba’s temple clean and to keep the system there. The Sai Institute spends 160 crores every year on these.

Sai Baba Institute of Shirdi receives an offering of about 600 crores every year. There are 400 crore rupees in this form. It contains gold, silver and other things along with cash, which is offered to Baba. Sai Institute currently has Rs 2300-2400 crore deposited in the bank, which comes to 100-150 crore as interest every year.


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