LG Delhi Suspends Official, Delhi Government Said Sikkim Is Another Country In An Advertisement

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New Delhi: A big mistake came out in an advertisement released in the newspapers on Saturday by the Arvind Kejriwal government of Delhi. In the advertisement, Sikkim was described as India’s neighbouring country. The Sikkim government also wrote a complaint letter to the Delhi government in this regard. Kejriwal government immediately admitted its mistake and withdrew the advertisement. Late in the night, LG’s Anil Baijal suspended an officer.

LG wrote in its tweet, “Such big mistakes will not be tolerated. Orders have been ordered to withdraw the disputed advertisement.” He wrote in another tweet, “An officer has been suspended with immediate effect. This advertisement disrespects territorial integrity.”

Let me tell you that in the advertisement released in newspapers on Saturday for recruitment as a volunteer in the Civil Defense Corps, the Kejriwal government had set four conditions of eligibility. In the first condition, it was said that he should be a citizen of India or a subject of Bhutan, Nepal or Sikkim and a resident of Delhi.

Arvind Kejriwal also tweeted that the advertisement has been withdrawn and Sikkim is part of India.

Sikkim expressed resentment
Sikkim Chief Secretary SC Gupta wrote in a letter to Delhi Chief Secretary Vijay Kumar Dev, “Recently in the M Newspaper, the Delhi government has put out an advertisement to be recruited as a volunteer in the Civil Defense Corps. In this advertisement, Sikkim Is placed as an independent country along with Bhutan and Nepal. It is a matter of great sadness for the people of Sikkim who have been citizens of this great country India ever since this state was formed on 16 May 1975. Gone.” Gupta demanded the Kejriwal government to withdraw such controversial advertisements.

BJP also attacked
Delhi Pradesh President Manoj Tiwari raised the question that Arvind Kejriwal should explain why the Delhi government showed Sikkim as a separate country. Tiwari said in one of his video messages, “As soon as this morning I picked up the newspaper. Looked at an advertisement of Delhi government showing Sikkim as a different country. How can a state government do this? Is it so clumsy?” Maybe it can show a state to be an independent country. Before going to such a big ad, can it be considered a lapse, then understand how big a mistake is happening? Arvind Kejriwal Ji wakes up. Tell Delhi what you have done. The question is big, it will go a long way. “


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