Kangana This Time Targeted The Women Fashion Designer

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Mumbai: After the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Kangana Ranaut is continuously attacking the people of the film world these days. This time, he has again targeted a well-known person. Kangana, who spoke openly on Nepotism, has now targeted famous costume stylist Anaita Shroff Adajania. Anita is also the director of Vogue India. Kangana has accused him of doing his propaganda using her pictures despite her being banned. A tweet by Kangana’s team also mentioned that Kangana was banned by Vogue India because Anita is very close to Adjania (Vogue’s style editor and now fashion director) Karan Johar.

Kangana said in a statement, ‘During the release of my film’ Fashion ‘in the year 2008, Vogue did a cover with Priyanka Chopra and refused to keep me in her cover. He said I am not an A-lister. In 2014, Vogue approached me for a cover, but Anita refused to style me and sent her to her colleague. He shot it in Mukesh Mills.

She adds, ‘When I suddenly reached the top in 2015, she told me that if I want to cover with her, then I should attend her beauty award. I was requested for this like other film stars and I also wanted to do an outdoor shoot for a cover story with Vogue. I requested him to style me, Anita, he also promised me this, but he again shot at Mukesh Mills again like last time and when I asked him about the fitting of the clothes, he told me that if If you want Anita to style you, then she comes directly to the location, there are no fittings for you. It was quite shocking behaviour.’

Kangana said, ‘I felt very abusive. I did the same two covers with him.’

It further said, ‘But during’ Manikarnika ‘I talked to his head Alex and told him that if I want to promote my film, I want to do a cover with him. He asked me for a few favours such as joining his beauty award and shooting for the cover of his upcoming magazine, but he refused to shoot the cover story of Vogue promised to me to promote any of my films, But I noticed that they continued to use my pictures and videos for their own publicity, is that right? Shouldn’t it be beneficial for both of them? ‘

Kangana’s team accused Anita of banning the actress on social media.

(IANS Input)


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