Irrfan’s film ‘Adhura’ was made on homosexuality, never released

Irrfan khan. (Source: Ṭwitter)
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Nowadays making films on gay relationships may not be a big deal but there was a time when nobody even thought about making films on such topics.

Homosexuality was never seen with good eyesight in the country and was rejected by society. But now that society is developing its thinking and rising above gender decriminalization, filmmakers are exploring such a topic in the field of films too.

But do you know that Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan also worked in a film on gay relationships in the 90s? Although Deepa Mehta’s film Fire in 1996 is considered to be the first Bollywood film on gay relationships in which Nandita Das and Shabana Azmi were in the lead role, very few people will know that in 1995, Irrfan Khan Played a gay character in a film called Adhura. This film is considered to be the first film in Bollywood on gay relationships. Sadly, the film could never be released.

The story of the film was on gay relationship Irrfan Khan himself had told about this during an interview that he had played a gay character in a film. But he did not talk much about it and did not even tell why the film was not released. Even after 25 years of the film’s production, the reason for not releasing this film could not be revealed. The film was banned by the censor board. The film was directed by Ashish Balaram Nagpal. Nagpal also acted in this film. He was cast opposite Irrfan Khan. The story of the film was over an industrialist and a journalist who were in a relationship with each other.

By the way, Irrfan Khan played different characters in many films. But people were unhappy to see him in a gay character. The actor is no longer among us, but the memories of the magnificent roles played by Irrfan will always be with us.


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