Irrfan Khan’s last message to Fans

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Mumbai: Actor Irrfan Khan died on Wednesday. With this, his last message is becoming viral on social media in which he talked to his fans. His final message to his fans was that many times in life there are great difficulties, but it should be lived with positiveness. He was unable to participate in the promotion of his last film ‘English Medium’ due to ill health and recorded an audio message for his fans.

He said in this message, “Hello brothers and sisters, Namaskar. I Irrfan … I am with you today and I am not. “Tying emotional strings to his loved ones, he said in this message,” Well this film “English Medium” is very special for me. Believe me, my heartfelt wish was to promote this film with as much love as we have made it. ”

At the time when the film was directed by Homi Adajania, Irrfan was undergoing treatment for neuroendocrine tumour.

He said, “But some unwanted guests are sitting inside my body. They are having a conversation. Let’s see which side the camel sits on. As it happens, you will be tipped. “

Irrfan says, “The saying is” When life gives you a lemon, you make lemonade “. It feels good to speak but in reality, when life puts lemon in your hand, it becomes very difficult to make shikanji. But what is the option other than being positive? “

He said that in these circumstances, you can make lemon juice or not, it is up to you. “We all made this film with the same positivity and I hope this film teaches you, laughs, makes you cry, laughs again,” said Irrfan. In his message, he finally said, “Enjoy the trailer and Have compassion for each other. And yes, wait for me. “

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