Indian military’s counterattack near Pangong Lake intensifies


The discussion of the Indian military’s vigorous counterattack near Pangong Lake against China in eastern Ladakh has now intensified in Chinese social media. The latest satellite pictures released on Chinese social media have once again highlighted the Indian Army’s ability to fight mountain war.

China’s Gaufen-2 satellite has revealed that Indian soldiers are now just one and a half km from the strategically important blacktop are far. Indian soldiers have now come to the position that they can also target China’s Moldo Camp. In this camp, talks between military officials of India and China take place. It is clear from this edge of India that these young men specialize in fighting hill war and are able to climb the highest hill in a short time. The effect of this ability of Indian soldiers is that they are now only one and a half km from the blacktop are far.

Deployment of 50-50 thousand soldiers from both sides

In view of this deployment of the Indian Army, China has also deployed a large number of its troops. Explain that between India and China border tension, the forces of both the countries are deployed on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). It is being told that about 50-50 thousand soldiers have been deployed from both sides. According to the Open Intelligence source, the speed with which Indian soldiers are moving forward, it seems that they are not stopped yet and there may be news of Indian troops advancing in the coming time.

Rita Colonel Ranbir claims – Chinese soldiers do not have the same strength as Indian soldiers

In eastern Ladakh, the Indian Army has captured the important peaks and gained an edge over the Chinese troops. In fact, behind this increase, Indian soldiers have more stamina and efficient ability to fight in mountainous areas than Chinese soldiers. Alam is when a Chinese officer refused a counter-attack to regain possession of these areas when Indian troops seized the high altitude by thwarting Chinese incursions in late August. Retired Colonel Ranbir Singh Jakhar told that Indian soldiers are now in a strong position in important areas and due to this, Chinese soldiers are facing difficulty. Now the Chinese army is not able to properly monitor the Chushul-Demchok road. Chinese soldiers are unable to sleep for fear of facing Indian soldiers.


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