Hindustani Bhau Lodged A Police Complaint Against Ekta Kapoor, Read What Is The Case

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New Delhi: Former contestant Vikas Pathak aka Hindustani Bhau of TV’s most controversial show ‘Bigg Boss 13’ recently lodged a complaint against famous TV producer and director Ekta Kapoor and her mother Shobha Kapoor. He has filed a complaint against daughter and mother. Hindustani Bhau remains very active on social media and is always known for his impeccable style. So, let us know what was the matter that caused Hindustani Bhau to file a complaint against Ekta Kapoor and her mother.

In fact, Hindustani Bhau wrote in a tweet, ‘I have filed a police complaint today against the traitors of the country, whose names are Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor, who showed our Indian military and their uniform emblem, Colonel Tag in a rude manner. On ALT Balaji App. Jai Hind.’ After this, in his next tweet, he writes, ‘Such a joke has been made of our Indian Army. Now, this is a new India. Arrest Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor as soon as possible.’

Let us tell you, the whole affair has started with Ekta Kapoor’s series ‘Triple X’ released on Alt Balaji, in which it is shown that when the army soldiers go to the border, the affair of that soldier’s wife starts. During this time, a porn scene with an army uniform is shown. Hindustani Bhau did not like the same thing, he has filed a police complaint against Ekta Kapoor and his mother Shobha Kapoor in Mumbai and demanded his arrest.


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