Hathras case: Victim changed his statement thrice, police revealed this


New Delhi: On September 14 in Hathras (Uttar Pradesh) Hathras came to such a situation that shook the whole country. It is being told that the accused was gang-raped with a 19-year-old girl and then cut off her tongue so that she could not speak in front of anyone. Not only this, the gangsters broke the spinal cord by beating her. The girl was later admitted to the hospital. But after 15 days, the victim died on September 29 in Safdarjung Hospital. According to the police, the girl’s rape has not been confirmed yet.

In the Hathras rape case, the police said, the victim girl gave the statement thrice and all three are different. On September 14, the girl complained in writing that she told that a boy named Sandeep tried to kill her, strangled her, after which the police registered 307 Act and SC / ST Act cases.

According to the police, the girl made the second statement on 22 September at Aligarh Medical College, in which she accused Sandeep of molesting her. After this, the police had registered a case under 354 against the accused. According to the police, in the third statement, the girl accused of rape on September 27 and named three more boys in it, after which the police had registered a case of 376.

In this regard, Hathras Police has issued a statement on social media, in which it has clearly denied the fact of cutting the tongue and breaking the bone of the reed. The police wrote on Twitter, “Through social media, this untrue news is being spread publicly that in the unfortunate incident under the police station Chandpa area, the tongue of the deceased was cut, the eye was broken and the spine was broken.” Hathras police refute this untrue and misleading news.

The police further wrote in the statement, “The truth is that there is no mention of cutting off the tongue and tearing of the eye in the medical report. The spinal cord was also not broken, but the spinal cord is not functioning properly due to the larynx and there is a scar due to the insertion of the tongue between the teeth when pressing the neck.”

Giving information on the case, IG Piyush Mordia said, “On September 14, at 10:30, the victim’s brother Satyendra gave a written complaint. He said that when his sister was cutting grass in Pearl millet’s field, a boy named Sandeep strangled and tried to kill him. An FIR was immediately registered on Satyendra’s written complaint and the victim was sent to the hospital for treatment.”


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