Hathras case: two audiotapes go viral which mentions of giving 50 lakh compensation to victim’s family, questions raised on Congress


New Delhi: Two new audio tapes have emerged in the Hathras case. It refers to the conversation with the family of the victim. One refers to a conversation with the victim’s brother Sandeep. In these audiotapes, someone is telling the victim’s family that the statement has to be made only after Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi’s arrival. Both leaders are coming from Delhi. It is also being said not to decide for Rs 25 lakh. We will give 50 lakh rupees. It is clear from the disclosure of this audio that in this sensitive matter, the work of baking political profits was done. After this audio comes in, questions are being raised on the role of Congress. Here is an excerpt from the conversation of the two audio:


Sanjay: Hello, Sanjay speaking brother
Man: Where is Sandeep. His phone is missing. Talk to him
Man: Hello, Sandeep what happened
Sandeep: Nothing came to that SIT team
Man: Ok, those three men must have come
Sandeep: Yes
Man: Now it is such that if anyone takes it somewhere, do not go. Now Priyanka Gandhi will come home. Some say that Hathras has to go, it has to go here. nowhere to go. When they come, tell them that the police are not allowing the media and our relatives to come. They have been put in our protection or the protection of Thakur. Tell them everything whatever has happened to you.
Sandeep: I will say that I was very scared and the officers had put pressure on the first.
Man: what scared
Sandeep: Don’t know, I was very scared. Many were scared of the authorities.
Man: If I was scared, I would have said something that the family would kill them or something.
Sandeep: I don’t know that I was scared. Even when she was speaking in front of the media, she was very scared.
Man: Now to say that we are doing this by making us weak. Okay. I connect with any media from here and when it comes, pressure has been made on us to take compensation. We did not want to take any compensation.
Sandeep: They are unable to say anything, they are very scared.
Man: Now there will be no one at home.
Sandeep: SIT team is sitting inside
Man: who is sitting inside
Sandeep: I, Sanjay Bhaiya, Papa and two other people
Man: good
Sandeep: There are also Congress party people.
Man: Okay, don’t go anywhere now. Priyanka Gandhi will come home and tell you to forcibly pressurize us and make her video.

A / B Party

B- (Girl) .. Brother why not pick up the phone
A-Hey policemen, DM has come, talking
Give me a call to B-Brother mummy
Tell me what you want
B-Hey instalment Mom will talk. All three of your phones are going off switch. The phone is missing.
A-No switches off now. I turned on the phone
B- Talking phone switch is going off. I am not getting a call since morning and I am saying I should not decide. Everyone is ready to call Dharamvir uncle. They are telling me that Lali does not decide under any circumstances.
A- Yes, not deciding
B- Rahul and Sisodia are coming. Are not coming They have stopped coming on foot. She is also coming to Priyanka in Noida. The police have stopped the fight. Showing on TV Uncle’s phone call declined. Modi is saying that decide for 25 lakh rupees. Uncle is saying Do not decide There is another boy, saying do not let the decision take place. I will give 50 lakhs instead of 25 lakhs but do not let the decision be taken. There is no leader, let the decision be taken, it is refusing.
A-Okay. I am talking now. I will talk later
Brother, if you are B-free, definitely talk.
A-Okay, I will get you talking.
B-Nobody’s calling. Talking from the other side only. No one picked up the phone. Once raised, he did not even talk. Let us talk.

(Source: Zee News)


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