Goa Will Stay Away From Budget And Local Spending Tourists

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New Delhi: If you are planning to go to the middle of Goa after heavy lockdown tension, then it is probably right to drop it. Yes, most people of the country may not get entry permission in Goa after the lockdown. The Goa government is now planning to change its tourism policy completely.

Only the rich will get entry
Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawan
t says that the state government will now focus only on the rich travellers. We do not want to make Goa like congestion. The state will now stay away from economical and low-budget tourists.

Goa has become 1960
The Chief Minister says that after the lockdown, Goa has started looking beautiful in the 1960s. The beauty of Goa has increased. We want to keep it intact. In recent years, Goa was very crowded due to budget hotels and backpackers. But now the state government will take tough measures so that Goa can become an international tourist destination again.

CM Sawant says, ‘We do not want such tourists who are addicted to drugs and show up on the streets or spread dirt in the middle. We want tourists who are rich in money and respect Goa’s culture.

Goa is in Green Zone
It is noteworthy that Goa has proved to be very lucky in the case of Coronavirus infection. Very few cases have been reported in Goa so far. At present, Goa is in the Green Zone and life is becoming normal here.

(IANS input)


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