From The House To The Bank Balance, A Man Writes His All The Property On The Name Of 2 Elephants, Know Who This Person His

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Patna: Elephants are very much in discussion since the killing of pregnant Elephant in Kerala. On the one hand, in Kerala, where a pregnant elephant was cheated and killed by feeding a pineapple full of firecrackers, on the other hand, a man from Bihar has written his entire property in the names of his two elephants.

Akhtar Imam, 50, a resident of Janipur and chief manager of Airavat Sanstha, has written the entire property to his elephants Moti and Rani. However, after doing this, his own family has become his enemy. Akhtar’s entire life is devoted to his colleagues only.

Akhtar Imam says that once he had a fatal attack. At the same time, his elephant saved his life. Akhtar told that ‘Once the rogue with the pistol in his hand started moving towards my room, my elephant started to look at him and in the meantime I got sleepy and I made a noise, then the crooks ran away.’

Akhtar’s story is a little strange. Akhtar says that his son sent him to jail by falsely accusing his own girlfriend of rape. But this investigation was found to be wrong. Akhtar alleges that his son Meraj, along with animal smugglers, also tried to sell his elephants. But he was caught.

He said that I have given my entire property to both elephants. Even if there are no elephants, no member of my family will get anything. He said that he has been living separately from his wife and children for 10 years.

Akhtar, head of the Airavat organization, says that he has been serving elephants since he was 12 years old. Due to a family dispute, 10 years ago, his wife had gone to maiden with two sons and a daughter. He has deprived him of his property, seeing his elder son Meraj alias Rinku abused and going on the wrong path.

He has written half the property to his wife and has given about 5 crore rupees of his share to the fields – barns, houses, bank balance in the name of all the two elephants. Akhtar says that if both elephants die, then this property will go to the Eravat organization.


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