Earthquake Tremors In Delhi And Surrounding Areas, Intensity On The Richter Scale Was 2.1

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New Delhi: Mild tremors of earthquake were felt in Delhi and surrounding areas on Monday afternoon. Delhi-Haryana was the epicentre of the earthquake. However, the intensity of the earthquake was 2.1. There have been 13 earthquakes in the Delhi-NCR region in the last two months. It is feared that it is not a sign of any major earthquake. Four days ago, Jamshedpur in Jharkhand and Hampi in Karnataka was felt in the morning in the light of the earthquake. The magnitude of the earthquake in Karnataka was 4.0 while it was 4.7 in Jharkhand.

Experts have said that there is nothing unusual in this seismic activity. He said that it is not possible to forecast earthquakes, but a disaster management plan should be prepared to deal with any emergency.

According to AK Shukla, head of the Center for Geology and Earthquake Risk Assessment at the India Meteorological Department, a major earthquake struck in Delhi in 1720, measuring 6.5 in magnitude. The last major earthquake in the region was in 1956 near Bulandshahr, which measured 6.7.


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