Do You Know About The Honey Revolution? This Will Make You Rich, The Government Is Also Giving A Boost

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New Delhi: Sweet revolution, this is the revolution that honey production has to be increased. Through this, farmers are ready to put more money in their pockets by giving customers in the country and abroad.

Actually, honey acts as an antioxidant and cures many diseases for health. Due to this quality farmers are being told to focus on earning profits by selling honey.

The country annually produces 1.10 lakh tonnes of honey. It is planned to double it in the next five years. At present, about 10 thousand registered farmers are producing honey by creating a colony of 1.5 million bees. We are among the top five honey makers in the world. Work is going on to increase it rapidly.

Honey Beekeeping in Punjab (Source: Twitter)

Last week, 500 crore rupees have been made under the self-sufficient scheme for Apiculture (Beekeeping).

To increase production under this scheme, Agriculture and Rural Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has given a meeting to direct the removal of obstructions in the path of apiculture. At the same time, MSME Road Transport Highway Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that the Honey Mission should adopt new methods through Khadi Village Industry.

According to Narendra Singh Tomar, ’30 lakh farmers have been given training in apiculture, whoever wants to make their work big, we are ready to provide all possible help, Honey mission is close to the Prime Minister’s heart, it is cooperative It can also be done through self-help group or it has the potential to generate a large amount of employment.’

According to Nitin Gadkari – We have not identified our honey properly. Honey of different flowers remains in different taste and its nature is also different. At the same time, the honey of the plains and the honey of the high altitude (mountainous part) is different. There is such a demand in the world of high altitude honey that it is sold much more expensive than ordinary. There is so much power in honey that it can give farmers profits only.

According to Vinay Kumar Saxena, Chairman of Khadi Village Industries- ‘Beekeeping is essential to human life, we are working on increasing the number of bees as well as on providing employment to people, we are giving B- to farmers. Bee Boxes are being distributed, in the last three years, we have distributed 1.33B boxes under Khadi Gramodyog and trained 13,466 farmers for beekeeping.

According to experts, if the right branding of honey is marketed, it will make our farmers self-sufficient, and the sweet revolution will make everyone’s taste sweeter.


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