Delhi Weather News Updates Today: After 77 years in Delhi, it rained in September, Orange alert today

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New Delhi: The rain in the capital Delhi (Delhi Weather News Updates Today) for the last few days has given relief to the people from the heat and on the other hand, the water logging has also increased the problems. Intermittent rain continued for the third consecutive day since Friday.

Rain in Delhi is breaking many records. Till Saturday evening, 383.4 mm of rain has been recorded, which is the highest in 77 years in this month. An IMD official said the city received 417.3 mm of rain in September 1944, the highest in the period 1901-2021. At the same time, for Sunday also, the Meteorological Department has issued an orange alert.

Monsoon in Delhi is very kind. In the last few days, the residents of the capital have got a big relief from the humidity and heat due to the torrential rains. This time in September there has not only been good rain but there have been record-breaking rain.

In September this year till 5.30 pm on Saturday, 383.4 mm of rain has been received. According to the Meteorological Department (IMD), Delhi recorded 360.9 mm of rain in 1914, 359.2 mm in 1945 and 341.9 mm in 1933.

3 times heavy rain in September so far

Delhi has received heavy rains thrice in September this year. 112.1 mm on September 1, followed by 117.7 mm on September 2 and 94.7 mm on September 11 (Saturday), which is the highest in a decade.

According to ‘Skymet Weather’, a private organization providing weather information, give two reasons for the record-breaking rain in Delhi this September. He said that delayed withdrawal of monsoon and early formation of its low-pressure system could be the reason for this.

In case of the late withdrawal of monsoon, the moist air mass remains for a long time, he said. It goes far beyond its reach and it rains in parts of Rajasthan, Delhi and Haryana.

“Secondly, the low-pressure system is forming rapidly. Not even half a month has passed and we already have two good systems. In August, we had only one such system


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