Delhi High Court saw Tattoo on rape victim’s hand and gave Bail to accused


New Delhi: Seeing the Tattoo on Rape Victim’s Arm on the arm of the rape victim, the Delhi High Court granted bail to the rape accused. The bail of the accused by the Delhi High Court is now a matter of discussion on social media. The Delhi High Court granted bail to the accused on the basis that a permanent tattoo was made on the victim’s arm.

Why bail was given to accused

While granting bail to the rape accused on Saturday, the Delhi High Court said that it is not easy to get a Tattoo On Rape Victim’s Arm. No one can forcibly make a permanent tattoo on one’s arm. It hurts a lot when getting a tattoo done.

Earlier during the hearing in the court, the woman accused of rape said that the accused had forcefully got a tattoo of the name of the accused on her arm.

What did the high court judge say?

While granting bail to the accused, Justice Rajneesh Bhatnagar of Delhi High Court said that tattooing is an art. A special machine is required to make a tattoo. Tattooing is not as easy as the tattoo is on the victim’s arm.

According to News 18, it was said from the High Court that no one has got the tattoo made on the victim’s arm. This work is also not about the accused. The petitioner has nothing to do with the tattoo business.

Accused of the rape victim

Please tell that the rape victim had alleged that by threatening and blackmailing, she was forced to have a physical relationship. His sexual exploitation continued from the year 2016 to 2019.

At the same time, the accused young man said that he was married when he met the complainant. He only said that I love you. The victim used to claim that they are in a relationship. The victim lodged an FIR when she failed to have a physical relationship with me.


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