Delhi Government Has No Money To Pay Salaries To Employees, Center Asks For Rs 5000 Crore

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New Delhi: The Delhi government has asked for financial assistance of 5000 crores from the central government. In this regard, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has written a letter to the Union Finance Minister on 26 May. Sisodia said that the economy of the entire country has been affected due to the lockdown. It also had a great impact on Delhi. The Delhi government has reviewed its minimum spending.

According to this, there is a minimum monthly expenditure of 3500 crores only on salary and office expenses. In the last two months, only 500 crores monthly have been collected from GST. A total of only Rs 1735 crore has been collected in the first quarter including GST and other sources. In such a situation, the government does not even have the money to pay the salary of the employees.

The Deputy Chief Minister said that the revenue collection of 7799 crores was collected during this period last year. There has been a 78 per cent decline in revenue this year. According to Sisodia, at present Delhi needs a minimum of 5000 crores.

Sisodia said that the disaster relief fund has helped other states from the central government. But the Delhi government did not get any help. In general, no financial assistance is provided to the Delhi government by the Center. But when revenue collection is not happening in Delhi, then it is necessary to get help from the centre. With this, we will be able to pay salaries to employees, teachers, doctors, engineers, civil defence people and other workers engaged in corona relief.

On 26 May, Sisodia wrote in the letter to the Union Finance Minister that Delhi is in the leading states of the country under the control of Corona. Delhi takes all its expenses from its own resources. In the FY 2020-21, the Delhi Legislative Assembly has passed a budget of 65000 crores. In this, the expenditure of 35500 crores is in the establishment, contribution to local bodies and interest etc. Under normal circumstances, Delhi is able to meet its own resources. But in the current crisis, the help of the centre is necessary.


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