Defense Minister Rajnath Singh Held A Meeting With The Three Army Chiefs, Discussed This Issue

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New Delhi: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has a meeting with the three army chiefs. Significantly, the country is facing many problems at this time. Corona epidemic on one side and storms are knocking in many cities of the country on the other side.

Apart from this, there is an escalation with China in Ladakh too. On 6 June, the armies of the two countries also held a meeting to remove this tension.

At such a time, it is considered important for Defense Minister Rajnath Singh to have a meeting with the three army chiefs.

According to the information received, the latest situation of Line of Actual Control (LAC) was discussed in this meeting and a strategy was also made for the future.

Let me tell you that even after a month of tension between India and China on the issue of the border dispute in Ladakh, even though the round of negotiations has started, China is still not getting back from its antics. While the commanders of the two countries are negotiating along the border, the Global Times newspaper, called the mouthpiece of the Chinese government, is trying to show the strength and might of the Chinese army by sharing videos.

At the same time, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs was preparing its statement to give information about the discussion on the level of the Corps Commander of India and China Army in Ladakh, at the same time, the Chinese government’s mouthpiece Global Times (Global Times) on India The military was preparing a report to exert psychological pressure.

The report was about the Chinese military’s practice of deploying thousands of soldiers and heavily armoured vehicles from the Hubei province of central China to the northwestern region of an altitude thousands of kilometres away. A TV report was also made in which the soldiers and heavy military equipment were transported to that area. In this, private airlines, Chinese Air Force, trains and other methods were used for deployment of troops. This is the same area where the armies of the two countries have been facing to face for the past month. The message is clear. China is ready to use its power to make its point.

On Saturday, in front of Chushul of Ladakh, a meeting was held in Moldo, China, between the 14th Army Commander of the Indian Army, Lt. General Harinder Singh and the Commander of the Jinjiang Military District of China which lasted more than four hours. On Sunday, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs informed in a press release that the discussion was good and military-diplomatic efforts will continue to resolve the current tension. Its meaning was clear that at present China is neither ready to withdraw troops nor is it legally approving the Indian Army to legally build infrastructures in Indian territory.


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