Controversy over ‘Ghar-Ghar Ration Scheme’: CM Kejriwal’s question to the Center- ‘Why did you suddenly stop this scheme two days ago?’

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New Delhi: Once again the dispute between the Central Government and the Delhi Government seems to be increasing. CM Kejriwal has claimed that the Center has banned the door-to-door ration scheme, giving a big blow to his dream project. That is, the plan to be launched from next week will not start now. After the decision to ‘ban’ the scheme, the Kejriwal government has made a big attack on the Modi government. Also many questions have been asked.

CM Kejriwal has said that why the central government wants to stop this scheme. At the same time, he said, “From next week, the work of delivering ration from door to door was about to start. All the preparations were done and why all of a sudden you stopped it 2 days ago? It has been rejected saying that we have not taken the approval of the Central Government. this is wrong.”

Arvind Kejriwal said, ‘We have taken your approval not once but five times. No approval is required by law. Why should there not be home delivery of ration? If you stand with the ration mafia, who will stand with the poor? What will happen to those 70 lakh poor people whose ration is stolen by these ration mafia.’ Along with this, Kejriwal especially appealed to PM Modi to implement this scheme.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is angry on this whole matter. It is being told that all preparations had been made for the launch of this scheme, but before that, it was stopped citing non-approval for making this plan.

Under this scheme, such arrangement has been made that every ration beneficiary will get 4 kg wheat flour, 1 kg rice and sugar at their doorstep, whereas at present 4 kg wheat, 1 kg rice and sugar are available from fair price shops. Under the scheme, wheat flour would have been given in place of the wheat being distributed so far. The Kejriwal government argues that through this scheme, food grains will be saved from the ration mafia and will be delivered directly to the people.

According to the information, this is the second time that the door-to-door ration scheme has been banned, before it was to be launched on March 25. Obviously, after this decision of the central government, the tension between the Center and the Kejriwal government is sure to increase further.


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