Changes: Railway Police Will Do Ticket Checking Instead Of TT, Reservation Details Will Come On Mobile

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New Delhi: Indian Railways is preparing to make itself modern and modern. Many big changes are going to take place in this. In such a situation, if a railway policeman checks your ticket instead of TT within the train, do not be surprised. Soon Indian Railways can make many such big changes.

What is planning for this
A senior official associated with the case says that the Railways is planning to make its employees multi-tasking. Several suggestions have come in which say that Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel or technicians running on the train will also do ticket checking work within the train. Similarly, suggestions have also been received from various zones that station master should handle the job of signal maintainer in addition to his existing work.

Reservation tickets will be delivered on mobile
Railway has already been working on ways to integrate eight of its services into a central service ‘Indian Railway Management Service’ after the approval of restructuring from the Union Cabinet last year. There is also a proposal that the airport-like system should be implemented in railways as well. It is also proposed to make the railway reservation paperless. Tickets will be sent to passengers on mobile or email. Passengers will also be able to print their own tickets from home. Meaning railway will not give reservation ticket for paper. The proposals include the merger of the key posts of the accounts, commercial, electrical, mechanical, engineering, medical, personal, operating, store, signal and telecommunications departments and other positions.

It is noteworthy that these proposals are part of the exercise of maximum utilization of the railway by its employees. For this, every category of employees will be provided with appropriate multi-skill training before assuming a new role. Many zones have suggested that some such works should not be outsourced, which is not the original work of the Railways. Such as cleaning workers and maintenance of station buildings.

(Input: PTI)


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