Careful! Today Super Cyclone AMPHAN Can Create Chaos, Leaving Behind Destruction

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Kolkata: There is an atmosphere of chaos in West Bengal due to the super cyclone Amphan. Amphan will pass over West Bengal and keeping this possibility in mind, the powerhouse has prepared to fight it with full power. All the maintenance personnel of the state will be present 24X7. Apart from this, big and small steps will also be present so that if any high voltage wire breaks, it can be repaired. Apart from this, special arrangements have been made to ensure that electricity does not arise in Kovid-19 Hospital. Transformers and diesel motors have been provided in all divisions. The emergency number (7449300840/9433564184) will be open 24X7 due to this storm so that you will be able to directly contact the power office.

From the canning of South 24 Parganas, Gosaba Basanti Jhodkhali of Sundarbans is closely monitored in the Sundarbans coastal areas and the seawater is now more swollen. Lakhs of people have been taken to a safe place by the administration. People living in these areas are scared of what will happen next.

According to the Meteorological Department, various areas of Sundarbans and South 24 Parganas may suffer extensive damage. Many people can also be killed by Super Cyclone Amphan, this is exactly the same as what happened during the storm.

But this time’s storm will also overtake the May 25 storm of 2009. The work of evacuating people from residential areas along the sea has started. Some of these people have been kept in a schoolroom and some have been taken to government centres.

The houses have also been sanitized as there is a danger of corona here. The boom in the sea can touch a height of 15 to 18 meters. The biggest threat may be to the Sunderbans areas. Food and other relief materials are also being supplied by the Gram Panchayat. Water is also in spate in rivers and dam construction by the administration is also in full swing.

In Kolkata, 20 Indian Coast Guard disaster relief teams are on standby for immediate help. In view of the cyclone, arrangements have been made at Kolkata Port Trust (Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Port Trust) to protect the port property and merchant vessels from any damage.

All 19 ships have lifted their anchors so that the storm can be avoided. All cargo handling operations in Diamond Harbor were halted. All the barges have been asked to move up in sheltered water.
No ships have been placed on Haldia and Baz Baz. All movements of incoming and outgoing vessels in Kolkata have been cancelled. The movement of inbound and outbound vessels on HDC was cancelled. Earlier, 3 ships had left Haldia. Currently, there are 15 merchants in KDS, 6 in KPD and 9 in NSD. 11 merchant ships are in Haldia Docks. A control room has been made for 24-hour monitoring at Subhash Bhawan, Sagar and Jawahar Tower Haldia.
The super cyclonic storm Amfan has moved north-east over the Central Bay of Bengal, with its speed reaching 15 kmph during the last 6 hours.

This cyclone is expected to move north-east in the northwest Bay of Bengal and across West Bengal. It may accelerate between Digha (West Bengal) and Hatia Islands (Bangladesh) on May 20 at a speed of 155-165 mph during the afternoon/evening. The super cyclone is now continuously tracked by the Doppler Weather Radar (DWR) in Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh).

At the same time, sources in Delhi say that Home Minister Amit Shah called Mamata Banerjee to talk on Amphan. Let us know that 25 NDRF teams have already been deployed, besides 12 different companies have been kept in reserve.

Earlier it was reported that the storm of Amfan is moving fast towards East Midnapore. It is said that this storm will pass through the coastal areas of Digha and its intensity will be considerable. In view of this storm, Haldia port has been closed and movement of any kind of ship has been stopped and along with the 10 cargo ships which are standing at the port, it is also possible to unload the goods faster. Work is being done The ships which were supposed to arrive at Haldia port have been stopped in the sea itself because there is every chance of a storm in Haldia district.

Apart from this, the jetty has also been instructed to evacuate from the port side. In this case, the port officials have also held a necessary meeting with the state district administration. In view of the storm Amfan, a high alert has been declared in the coastal areas of West Bengal, especially in areas like Haldia, Digha, Mandaramani, Tajpur, this storm can have a huge impact.

Haldia port officials have taken several important decisions in an emergency meeting in view of security. Instructions have been given to take all the small ships and jetties at the port to safe places. The ships which are present in Send Head have also been ordered to be taken to a safe place. The port administration is ready to counter the war situation. Shyamal Kumar Adak, Head, Halia Municipality, told that a team of 26 people has been prepared to fight this storm, as well as people living on the banks of the river, are being alerted by miking and many families are safe Is being taken to places.

Overall, it can be said that the administration is ready to compete in Haldia Municipality Haldia Port and Haldia coastal areas.

The sea of ​​Digha is currently in spate and the NDRF disaster management team is campaigning in the entire area by miking, there are more than 400 people living in the coastal areas who have been evacuated by the administration and taken to a safe place. Has been moved. Right now the work of removing people is going on and control rooms have been opened in every block since last night.

The movement of ships has also been banned in Haldia Port and the ships in which goods are kept are being evacuated rapidly. The Coast Guard is keeping an eye on the rumble. So far, about 10,000 people have been taken to safe places in the coastal areas from Digha to Haldia. Dam repair work is going on at Jamda, Shyampur, Tajpur in which villagers have also joined hands. People are much more alert in view of this severe storm. Since today morning, the sky has been heavy and light cold air is also blowing in the area. In Mandaramani Haldia including Digha, the administration is miking and keeping a close watch. The sea is also slowly changing its activities.

The rain has not started yet in the Digha seashore of East Midnapore but the sea is in spate. At present, no tourists are present in the coastal areas and barricading has been done by rope along the seashore by the officers of Digha Coastal Police Station.

Kolkata Police is also ready to avoid the storm. In the areas of Kolkata where old houses and houses are present, all the people have been taken to a safe place. The houses on whose roofs the cranes are present have been asked to be removed as soon as possible. The disaster management team has been asked to be vigilant.

Apart from this, a unique case has come out from Kolkata. Here, an Uber driver completely covered himself with a plastic cover to protect himself from Corona infection. This Uber driver started such a unique initiative to keep himself away from the passengers sitting in the car and to protect himself from infection.

On the other hand, due to the lockdown in North 24 Parganas, mobile vendors are earning the most profit. Mobile sales have already increased by 20%. Due to Corona and lockdown, where many traders are facing heavy losses, then for the same mobile traders, it is no less than a lottery.

Due to the lockdown, as all schools stop playing outside the college office, people need mobile phones most for their entertainment, studies and work from home. School college students are having to do online classes right from home and for this, everyone is needing a mobile phone and people who are doing office work at home are also most in need of mobile. Overall, it can be said that the demand for mobile phones is more at this time than before, i.e. before the lockdown, and in view of this, there is a huge crowd in mobile shops in Barrackpore of North 24 Parganas.

Buyers say that they are facing difficulties in bringing mobile at home, especially with children who have to do online classes during the day and at the same time people have to work from home. And that’s why huge crowds of people are being seen in mobile shops to deal with this problem.

However, mobile merchants say that most of the mobiles are being sold in lockdown and this time mobile sales have increased by 20%.
At the same time, there is also news that in the absence of food and medicine, migrant labourers came out of the quarantine centre and blocked the road. The incident is of Babla Kamalpur under Motha-Wadi police station in Malda district.

The migrant labourers allege that they were staying in a local Madrasi for the last three to four days, but no arrangements were made for them to eat any kind of food. Just on this matter, these workers got angry and blocked the road by raising huge flags of bamboo and also raised slogans against the state government. After a long time, the workers stopped the protest.
At the same time, the touching story of the family of a labourer trapped in lockdown amid this cyclone has come out. The family of a labourer trapped in lockdown had decided that he would now reach his destination by walking 2125 km. But this journey was not so easy because there was a child of one and a half to two years in his lap, who had to support these labourers for this long journey. This labourer couple finally reached Dhupguri in Jalpaiguri district from Mumbai on Tuesday.

Mominur Rahman, a resident of Ghoksar Danga area of ​​Cooch Behar district, had gone to Mumbai with his wife and child for wages 2 years ago. He started living with whatever money he earned in Mumbai, but suddenly the Coronavirus locked the entire country and a nationwide lockdown was declared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in which no one was out of their homes or Cannot go to other states.

Labourer Mominur Rahman told that 14 days ago he started his journey by catching the national highway from Maharashtra. On the way, he found many such clubs or organizations who arranged for his food and drink, and similarly, 13 days later, on Kalyani Monday, these people



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