Badshah targets Trollers with his new song ‘Ilzaam’, goes viral

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New Delhi: Bollywood’s famous rapper Badshah is famous for his excellent songs and he is well-liked by people. The king always remains in the headlines because of his songs. Badshah has surprised everyone by releasing a song recently. His new song ‘Ilzaam’ has been released. He gave this information on his Instagram. Through the song, he has given a befitting reply to all the accusations and criticism he has been facing.

Rapper Badshah has not resorted to any kind of publicity for his new song ‘Ilzaam’. He surprised his fans. Badshah has released a rap-song ‘Ilzaam’ for trolls from his ‘3 AM’ session. At the same time, rapper Badshah has brought a new music video under the ‘3 AM’ session. Let all of you know that the raja Badshah himself has written and sung the song ‘Ilzaam’. At the same time, ‘Ilzaam’ talks about today’s reality, how the king and his work are taken. Recently the king’s song “Genda Phool” was accused of stealing lyrics. The rapper was accused of using the Bengali song ‘Boro Lokar Bitty Lo’ of the folk artist ‘Ratan Kahar’ in his video, but he did not give credit to Ratan Kahar.


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