A Crowd Of Migrant Workers On The Delhi-Ghazipur Border, Carrying them In Buses To Shelter Home

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New Delhi: Corona and Lockdown are wreaking havoc on the workers. Workers have problems with eating and living, so workers are migrating rapidly from Delhi to their respective states. Many workers have left for their respective states on foot.

There is still a crowd on the Delhi-Ghazipur border. Despite all the announcements of the government, help is not reaching the workers. The workers say that neither they are getting work nor ration, besides this, the landlord is also harassing them for rent. After escaping in such a situation, they will never come back to Delhi.

Surprisingly, despite repeated calls by the government, social distancing is not being followed. The labourers are being taken to the shelter home after filling them in buses.

Let us know that the lockdown in India is going to be about two months. Despite this, cases of infection have crossed one lakh. Our name has come in those 11 countries of the world, where more than one lakh cases have been found so far.

The pace of infection has been such that in us, it took 87 days for the first 25 thousand cases to come. But the next 25 thousand cases came in just 11 days. After this, it took only 7 days to reach 50 thousand to 75 thousand cases. But it took only 5 days for infection cases to cross 75 thousand to one lakh. Not only this, but India is also among the few countries where the cases of infection have increased the most in the last few days.

In the last two days, only about 10,000 new cases have come in India. On average, about 45 hundred cases are coming here every day for the last week. In this case, now America, Brazil and Russia are ahead of India. On average, about 24 thousand new cases are coming to the US every day. In Brazil, this figure is about 13 thousand. About 10 thousand new cases are coming to Russia daily.


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