You can’t kill his spirit: Daughter of pharmacist shot dead in Srinagar challenges his killers to a debate

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Terrorists on Tuesday shot dead well-known Kashmiri Pandit Makhan Lal Bindroo living in the Valley. Now his daughter has challenged the terrorists. Challenged that if you have the courage, then argue with her face to face. Shraddha Bindroo said that her father will never die. She said that despite being a Hindu, she has read the Quran in which it is written that even if the body is killed, the spirit and emotion will not go anywhere. Makhan Lal Bindroo will live in spirit.

Shraddha Bindroo said, ‘I am an associate professor, I started from zero level, my father started with a bicycle, my brother is a renowned diabetologist, my mother sits in the shop, is a woman. This is what Makhan Lal Bindroo has made us. A Kashmiri Pandit, he will never die. You can only kill the body. I have read the Quran even as a Hindu and the Quran says that this bodice, this body’s cloak, it will change, but the human spirit, it will not go anywhere.

Challenging the killers of her father, she said, ‘Makkhan Lal Bindroo will live on in spirit. And whoever shot him when he was working, if he has the courage, then come forward. Debate face to face. Then we’ll see what you are up to. When not a single word will come out of the mouth, then only a crooked mouth will be seen by making a ruckus. You will understand when you can’t even say a word. You can only shoot stones, you can only fire bullets from behind. What will you guys do, you have not blown away a body, the body that created that body, I am that father’s daughter. Come in front, don’t you have so much status, brother, come in front of me and talk to me.’

Shraddha Bindroo said, ‘Who is the one who shot my father, come before me, you have some education? My father taught me, politicians gave you guns and stones, you want to fight with guns and stones, this is cowardice, all politicians are using you come forward and fight with education.’


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