Will Jammu and Kashmir get full statehood again? Amit Shah replied in the Lok Sabha


New Delhi: The Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Amendment Bill has passed in the Lok Sabha today. Earlier, Union Home Minister Amit Shah stated Sadam on the situation of the removal of Article 370 (Article 370) from Jammu and Kashmir. During this, he told that at the right time, he will give the status of state to Jammu and Kashmir. At the same time, he attacked the Congress and said that those who were allowed to govern for generations, look into their communities and see if they are even able to ask for an account.

‘Full state status will be given in due time’

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that the Jammu Kashmir Reorganization (Amendment) Bill has no relation with the state status and Jammu and Kashmir will be given full state status at the appropriate time. Responding to the discussion on the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization (Amendment) Bill, 2021 in the Lok Sabha, the Home Minister said that nowhere in this bill has it been written that this will not give the state status to Jammu and Kashmir. He said, ‘I say again that this bill has no relation with the state status of Jammu and Kashmir. The state will be given state status at an appropriate time.

Answer given to start 4G internet under pressure

Replying to the charge of restoring 4G internet facilities under pressure, Shah said, ‘Asaduddin Owaisi Ji said that 2G to 4G internet service has been implemented under pressure from foreigners. He does not know that it is not the UPA government, which he used to support. It is Narendra Modi’s government, which makes decisions for the country.

Look into government’s asking for accounts

Amit Shah said, ‘It was said here that what happened to the promises made while removing Article 370? I will definitely answer that, but I want to ask that it has been only 17 months since Article 370 was removed, what have you done to bring 70 years to account? Shah said that those who got the opportunity to rule the country for generations, look into their own government’s terms, do you deserve to ask us for 17 months account or not.

Avoid misleading the public: Amit Shah

The Home Minister said, ‘I want to tell this House once again that please understand the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. Do not make such a statement to do politics, which misleads the public. Shah said that the official officers also divide into Hindu-Muslim. Can a Muslim officer not serve the Hindu people or a Hindu officer cannot serve the Muslim people? He said that the officers divide Hindus and Muslims and call themselves Dharmaruktas.


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