What are those guidelines about which there is controversy in the government and social media companies

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New Delhi: After the new IT rule on the government’s social media, there has been an uproar on both sides. Now let us also understand the controversy that why this dispute is there, in fact for a long time there have been questions about the social platform in the country. In such a situation, three months ago, the Central Government issued a guideline.

Accordingly, all social media platforms have to make arrangements for action on any complaint, in which 3 officers, Chief Compliance Officer, Nodal Contact Person and Resident Graduate Officer are to be appointed. The rule of which is that they all live in India, it is necessary to publish the contact number of these people on the website and app. So that people can complain and it is necessary to give an update in 15 days about the complaint lodged. Along with this, the guideline said that a system can be created through which the content of rape, child sexual abuse can be identified and such content can be removed plus the staff to monitor this entire system. Asked to keep it.

Print reports every month

Also, the guidelines said that these social platforms will have to publish a report every month, it should have information about the complaints received in the month, the action was taken on them. The link and the content that has been removed has been informed.

Keep An Eye On Offensive Content

With this, the guidelines said that if the platform removes any objectionable information, then it will first have to inform the person who created, uploaded or shared this content. The reason for this also has to be given, the user should also be allowed to appeal against the action of the platform.

Let us tell you that the government released this guideline for the social media platform on February 25, three months was given. The deadline was till yesterday i.e. 25 May … which is over now, but the government has not responded. Facebook says that talks are on with the government, while WhatsApp has reached the Delhi High Court.

Grievance filing system

3 officers to be appointed
The number of officers should be public
Update within 15 days


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