West Bengal election exit polls 2021 Result: A close fight between BJP and TMC in Bengal

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New Delhi: The West Bengal election ended on Thursday with the eighth phase voting. There was bumper voting in the eight-phase polling for the state’s 294 seats from March 27 to April 29. This time the voting percentage also broke the previous record. The results will be announced on May 2, but the exit poll results were released today.


According to Republic-CNX, BJP is estimated to get 138 to 148 seats in Bengal. On the other hand, TMS is seen getting 126-136 seats, Congress 6-9 and other parties getting 0-4 seats. That is, there will be a close fight between BJP and TMC. The BJP can certainly become a big party but it will not be easy for them to hold power.

India TV-PEOPLE PULSE: BJP crosses 200, will form a government

According to an exit poll by India TV People’s Pulse, the Bharatiya Janata Party is looking to form a government in Bengal with an absolute majority. BJP can win 173-192 seats. At the same time, 64-88 seats will come into TMC’s account. At the same time, the Congress alliance is seen getting only 7-12 seats.

News 24-Chanakya: Didi roots hat-trick

According to the exit poll of News 24-Chanakya, TMC is going to return to power. The TMC is seen getting 180 seats in the state, while the BJP is looking at only 108 seats. Congress Left alliance can get only 4 seats.

India Today-Axis My India: Thorn collision

According to the exit poll of India Today-Axis My India, BJP is likely to get 134-160 seats in Bengal. At the same time, 130-156 seats can come in the account of the ruling TMC. This means a close fight between the two parties. Power can be the key to any party. The Congress Left coalition seems to have only 1 seat.

ABP-C Voter: According to Didi’s Mamta will rain on Bengal again

Mamata Banerjee is once again seen forming the government in the exit poll of ABP C-Voter. Mamta Banerjee’s TMC 152 will get 164 seats. At the same time, BJP can get 109-121 seats. At the same time, the Congress-Left alliance can get 14 to 25 seats.

TV9-Polstrat: Didi’s hat-trick

According to the exit poll of TV9-Pollstart, there is a tough fight between BJP and TMC. This time the BJP can get 125-135 seats in the assembly elections with a 40.5 per cent vote share. At the same time, TMC can win 142–152 seats with 43.9 per cent votes. That is, TV 9’s exit poll shows Mamata Banerjee getting a hat-trick of power in Bengal.


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