Vasundhara Raje’s tweet- We had assigned Rajasthan as a peaceful state, do not make it a state of criminals

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Jaipur: Former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje also attacked the government through a tweet about the attack on Bharatpur MP Ranjeeta Koli. While tweeting one after the other, Raje surrounded the government and wrote that Congress should remember this, we made Rajasthan a peaceful state and handed it over to you. Do not make it a state of criminals.

Raje wrote that what could be more proof of the bad law and order situation of the Rajasthan government that even the MP is not safe. How will the common man, you can guess. I strongly condemn the murderous attack on MP Ranjeeta Koli, who was serving the public with dedication during the Corona period. The state government may have patted itself on the back by making claims of women safety in the state, but the truth is that chaos has spread in political patronage here. This government has succumbed to criminals.

Raje has further written that the state government should immediately arrest the accused and get them punished severely so that the public can have confidence in the government and the police. Raje finally wrote that I pray to God for the quick recovery of MP Ranjeeta Koli.


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