Union Home Minister Amit Shah said – If BJP government is formed in West Bengal, TMC goons will be put in jail

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New Delhi: Addressing an election rally in West Bengal’s South 24 Parganas, Union Home Minister Amit Shah attacked the Mamata government strongly. Describing Mamata’s government as a government of syndicate and corruption, he said that this government does not allow us to work. Questions were given to the Mamta government for development works worth more than three lakh crores rupees. We want to ask where did that money go.

Amit Shah said that you people formed the Narendra Modi government in Delhi in the Lok Sabha elections. A large engine was stationed in Delhi for the development of Bengal. But the TMC government does not allow that engine to work.

He said that BJP’s fight is to make Bengal ‘Sonar Bangla’. This is a fight between our booth worker and the Trinamool Congress syndicate. These syndicates do not let you reach your advantage.

When the BJP government is formed in West Bengal, we will get TMC’s syndicate investigated. Not a single goon will be seen in Bengal after the assembly elections. If the BJP government is formed, all the goons of TMC will be put in jail. If you’ll select BJP government then we will make sure that we turn West Bengal five years into ‘Sonar Bangla’.

He said that Mamata didi prohibited Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja. They would have trouble with the slogan of Jai Shri Ram. This is his politics of appeasement. Many years later he has performed Saraswati Puja. I am very happy to see this. He said that 130 BJP workers have been killed in West Bengal. As long as there is Mamta government, law and order will not be right. You uproot your vote. There is a lot of power in your vote.


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