The way to travel in Delhi Metro can change, DMRC can start this service soon

Delhi Metro (Source: Twitter)
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New Delhi: When Delhi Metro opens after lockdown, you can see many changes. At present, the Delhi Metro has not been restarted. But before starting the DMRC operation, many important preparations have been made. Meanwhile, there is news that Delhi Metro may soon discontinue the smart card facility.

Metro smart card may be closed
According to the information received, the Delhi Metro may end the Smart Card service very soon. In the coming times, only your debit or credit card will be used to travel in the metro. For this, the DMRC has started work on the National Common Mobility Card scheme of the Central Government. Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gate at metro stations will be upgraded to facilitate fare payment.

Experts say that after starting the facility, metro passengers will not need to carry smart cards. You will be able to entry-exit by punching your bank’s debit / credit card at AFC gate. DMRC has started the tender process to upgrade the software of AFC Gate. It is hoped that this service will start between one and a half years.

The trial will start from the airport line
Experts say that Delhi Metro can first start the scheme to collect the fare from debit/credit card from the airport line. Once the pilot project is successful on the airport line, this service will be restored on all metro lines.


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