The government responded to WhatsApp allegations, said- ‘Right to privacy is respected’

Whatsapp Application (Source Twitter)
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New Delhi: The social media platform Whatsapp filed a lawsuit against the Indian government in Delhi, demanding a ban on the new rules. According to sources, in this petition filed on May 25, the company argued in the court that the new IT rules of the Government of India will end privacy. The government has now responded to these allegations of WhatsApp.

The government gave this answer

The Ministry of Electronics and IT on behalf of the Government of India said in response, “The Government of India respects the right to privacy and has no intention of violating it.” Regarding the new rules, such a need only exists when a message needs to be investigated for the prevention or punishment of serious crimes like sexually explicit content.

Whatsapp double intention?

The government has put WhatsApp in the dock, asking, ‘On one hand, WhatsApp wants to implement a privacy policy in which it will share all its users’ data with its parent company, Facebook. On the other hand, WhatsApp is making every effort to refuse to implement the necessary intermediary guidelines to maintain law and order and curb fake news.

What is the matter?

In the new rules, social media companies need to identify from where any content or message was first released, whenever information about it is sought. There are about 40 crore WhatsApp users in the country at present. Now there is no clear information about whether this complaint can be reviewed in the Delhi High Court.

Government’s strictness on social media

With this petition, the dispute between the Government of India and social media companies can also be deepened. All of them have big business in India and crores of people use these platforms. Recently, a tweet from the ruling party BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra was also raided on the Twitter office after tagging it as ‘manipulated media’.

Guidelines for making guideline also end

The government has also asked the tech companies to remove misleading information related to Corona, after which it was alleged that the government is hiding the information related to its criticism. 90 days were given to create new guidelines for social media companies, the duration of which has expired on Tuesday.


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