The big decision of Railways: These trains including Rajdhani and Shatabdi will soon return to the track, know details

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New Delhi: The festive season has started in India. In such a situation, relief news has come to the people of Indian Railways. Taking care of public facilities, the Railways has decided to run 392 festival special trains. According to the information, 196 pairs of trains i.e. 392 trains will be run as festival special trains. The list of trains has been sent to the respective zones. Meanwhile, now there is news that soon Shatabdi, Tejas, Humsafar and all trains of Rajdhani will return to the track.

416 special trains will run on the track soon
According to railway sources, by November all Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Tejas and Humsafar Express trains will speed up their original route. It is being told that all these trains will be run as ‘special trains’. Currently, the Railways is operating 682 special trains and 20 clone trains. Apart from these, 416 special trains will also be run from October 20 to November 30. The purpose of increasing the number of trains by railways is to save passengers from congestion between Covid-19.

Railways want to return to normal conditions
According to information received from sources, in November, the government and the railway ministry will assess the situation regarding Covid-19, after which a decision will be taken to increase the number of other mail and express trains. In fact, given the number of passengers, the railways gradually want to return to normal conditions by January 2021. Therefore, preparations are being made to run mail or express trains from Rajdhani on most routes.

IRCTC is at risk
Through this, where the Railways will meet the travel demand, at the same time, from the perspective of earnings, it will also start to make up for the tremendous loss in the last 7 months. At the same time, the railway undertaking IRCTC is also suffering heavy losses due to less movement of trains. In such a situation, the more trains will run, the more will be the benefit of IRCTC.

Festival trains will run from 20 to 30 October
Festival special trains will run between October 20 and November 30. Its minimum speed will be 55 km / h. According to the information, the festival special train will have most of the third AC coaches, whose fare will be equal to the fare of the existing special train.


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