Tejas launches air-fired ‘Python-5’ missile, exact on target, see video

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New Delhi: India’s strength in the field of defence is steadily increasing. The power of India’s Tejas fighter has increased now. Tejas has fired a Python-5 missile from the air. After which Tejas has become very fast and dangerous.

Tejas equipped with ‘Python-5’ missile
A new missile hitting air to air

Tejas, an indigenous light fighter aircraft made in India, has increased its firepower. The fifth-generation Python-5 missile has been added to its air-to-air weapon capability. The weapon was also successfully tested on 27 April 2021. The fifth fighter jet now features a fifth-generation air-to-air Python-5 missile. These missiles will land enemy aircraft, helicopters and drones in the mud in a blink of an eye.

The Defense Research Development Institute (DRDO) said in a statement on Wednesday that the goal of this test was to verify the increased capacity of the Derby Beyond Visual Range already deployed on Tejas. Its path has been cleared since this trial. These tests were conducted in Goa. Both the Python-5 and the Derby missile were successfully tested. Both of them aimed precisely at their targets.

Let me tell you, before this test, several flights were completed after deploying Tejas aircraft with these missiles. During this time, fire-control radars, missile weapon delivery systems and flight control systems were investigated. Now Tejas will be able to chase the enemies even more badly due to the deployment of the Python-5 missile.


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