Screws on oxygen traffickers in Delhi, know what Delhi Police got from the Khan market

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New Delhi: The black market of the oxygen concentrator is not stopping despite lakhs of efforts in Delhi, there is a line of buyers of oxygen concentrators outside the Khan Market restaurant. This viral video is giving a shouting testimony of the crime happening in the ‘Khan Chacha’ restaurant in Khan Market, Delhi. In the video, there is a heated argument between the restaurant staff and a customer standing there. But there is a difference of ground-sky between the two people.

One was willing to live up to making his boss the ‘breath merchant’ of Delhi, while the other only wanted to relieve the breath of his family. So that the scarcity of oxygen in the hospitals does not destroy his family. Only because of this fear, every person standing there was waiting for his turn with great patience. But during this time no one trusted Ravi Navneet Kalra even profusely. Everyone was afraid that Navneet Kalra, the breath merchant, should not turn away from his tongue. The oxygen concentrator of his part should not be handed over to anyone else at the cost demanded. Hunger for money and money should not make Navneet Kalra blind, who saw the only opportunity for herself in this disaster. Perhaps this is the reason that every person who knows Navneet Kalra is now in the can.

Navneet Kalra, a businessman in the shortage of oxygen in Delhi, was looking for an economic interest for himself. Even he came down to the black marketing of the oxygen concentrator.

However, his rigging could not last for long. Two days ago, Delhi Police raided Khan Market, one of the 10 most expensive markets in the world. During the raids, police found more than 524 oxygen concentrators. In which 96 oxygen concentrators were recovered from the restaurant ‘Khan Chacha’ of Navneet Kalra alone. After which Navneet Kalra is absconding. The police are searching for him with great vigour. Meanwhile, a WhatsApp chat of April 26 related to him has also gone viral. in which he is talking about giving oxygen concentrator at high prices. This proves that Navneet Kalra was uninterested in the black marketing of the oxygen concentrator. So that together with his close friends, he can earn maximum profit. However, Navneet Kalra’s five associates are now under police custody and his secrets are being unravelled. Therefore, Navneet Kalra, who sells oxygen concentrators of 20 thousand to 70 thousand rupees to one lakh rupees, cannot survive for a long time. One day, his crimes will also be accounted for.


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