PM Modi Assam Rally: PM Modi said – Congress means bomb, gun and blockade guaranteed

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Bokakhat: Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi Assam Rally) claimed on Sunday that the ‘treasury’ of the Congress, which has been continuously shrinking in different parts of the country and states, is now empty. So to fill it, she wants to return to power at any cost and for this, she can compromise with anyone.

The hearing was not held in the Congress government

Addressing an election rally in Assam’s Bokakhat Rally in favour of NDA candidates, Prime Minister Modi said that Assam was completely ignored when Congress had governments at both the Center and the state. During that time, the people of the state were neither heard here nor was there a hearing at the centre. He claimed that due to the government of double engine in the centre and the state, Assam is moving fast on the path of development.

Assam is developing at double capacity

PM Modi said, ‘Now work is being done on doubling capacity on the highway because the Assam government is also connecting Assam with the country and the central government too. Now the speed of infrastructure is also doubling because the Assam government is also involved in the development and the central government too. Now every head like the roof and every house like water is also being done with double capacity.’

The Prime Minister said that the NDA government under the leadership of BJP is moving forward with the mantra of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas’, but today’s Congress leaders only mean power, whatever they meet.

Congress treasure now empty

He said, ‘Actually the Congress treasury is now empty, they need power at any cost to fill it. Congress only befriends the chair. This is his business. He has neither leadership nor vision.’

Referring to the promise of five guarantees made in the Congress manifesto, Prime Minister Modi said that those who ruled Assam for more than 50 years are now giving 5 guarantees to the people of the state. He claimed that the people of Assam are aware of his mettle.

PM Modi said, ‘These people have got used to making false promises, false declarations. Congress means a guarantee of the false manifesto. Congress means a guarantee of confusion. Congress means a guarantee of instability. Congress means, a guarantee of bombs, guns and blockades. Congress means a guarantee of violence and separatism. Congress means a guarantee of corruption and scams.’

The Prime Minister appealed to the people of Assam to keep the Congress away and said that this party, which describes itself as secular, befriends parties based on sects in Assam, West Bengal and Kerala.


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