On Yogi’s statement, Owaisi retorted, saying – ‘Secularism is not guilty, …’

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New Delhi: Yogi Adityanath’s statement against secularism in the country has been retaliated by Hyderabad MP and AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi. He has targeted UP CM Yogi Adityanath by tweeting successively. Owaisi said that the Sangh is allergic to secularism because it sees the country as a majority.

Owaisi said that the CM of UP is defying the Constitution by making such statements. PM says something about secularism and Yogi says something else. Owaisi said that we were a model for many other developing countries. He said that if he feels that we have not got respect, then he should complain to the Prime Minister. This is not the fault of secularism.

Owaisi said that he blames secularism but it did not stop him from performing Bhoomipujan in Ayodhya. This did not prevent him from continuously attacking the beliefs of people of other religions. This did not prevent him (Yogi) from becoming Chief Minister even after inciting a riot in Gorakhpur and Mau.

Let us tell you that UP CM Yogi Adityana released the book ‘Ramayana Vishwa Mahakosh Curtain Razor’ on Saturday and said in the inaugural program of the workshop that many people raised questions on the existence of Ram, they also showed doubt in Ayodhya, this mentality is wrong.

He said that the only temple in Cambodia was the time when the images of the entire Ramayana were landed in I Gaya stone. The scene started when Hanuman Ji lit Lanka, a man from there said that this God is MONKEY, he explained the scene of Lanka, I asked him, are you a Hindu? He said, “I am aware, but I have come to know from Hindu only.”

He said secularism SECULARISM is the biggest obstacle in advancing the country. To date we have not been able to get out of our ethnic quarrel, it happens on small matters.

He said, ‘The tradition of the saints of India is a reflection of India, and if it is misrepresented, it spoils the image of India in the world.’


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