New Digital Rules: Government sought a report from social media companies, new rules apply from today

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New Delhi: The Ministry of Electronics and IT has sought a status report of the Compliance of New Digital Rules from the big social media platforms. Along with this, the IT Ministry has also sought the details of the Chief Compliance Officer, Resident Complaint Officer appointed by the digital platform under the new social media rules. The IT Ministry has said that other rules, including the need for additional investigation for large social media companies, have come into effect from Wednesday.

The timeline for making the guideline is over

Social media companies such as Twitter and Twitter were given 3 months by the government to form a social media guideline, which expired on Tuesday. Except for the Indian company Koo, no company responded to the government. After this, new rules have come into force from today.

What will social media companies do now?

Does the big question arise that what will happen next after the deadline for the government to obey the new rule? So first of all it is important to understand what are the options before social media companies? The first option is that social media companies can urge to pursue this period again. Social media companies can refer to Corona for this. The other option is that these companies can give written assurance of following the new rules in letter and spirit.

Government can take more steps now

If the companies insist, then the government can extend the deadline. The government can also take action. The government can withdraw the status of ‘intermediary’ from these companies under the IT Act. After this, the ‘immunity given to these companies from liability can be taken away. If anyone goes to the court regarding contempt, till now the social media platform was not made a party according to this exemption, but after this change, one can make social media platform a party after going to court.


What is the matter?

Actually, social media has been used in a very wrong way for the last few years. Spreading rumours through social media, sharing objectionable information, and spoiling the country’s environment, such works are being done continuously. Many times such cases have reached the court as well. Despite repeated instructions from the government, no concrete steps were taken in this matter so far towards social media companies. After this, the government had instructed the social media companies to make strict guideline.


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