Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia security increased after the taxi driver’s phone call created panic

Mukesh Ambani (Source Twitter)
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Mumbai: The security of the famous industrialist Mukesh Ambani’s house ‘Antilia’ in Mumbai has been increased. The police department has become active after a phone call from a taxi driver who came to the Mumbai Police Control Room. Calling the Mumbai Police, the taxi driver told that two people were inquiring about Antilia.

Searching for two suspects

Activated after the taxi driver’s phone call, the Mumbai Police saw it as a threat to Mukesh Ambani’s house and started investigating the matter. The taxi driver has told the police that both the people inquiring about Antilia had a bag. Police are looking for both the suspects and the investigation is being done based on the taxi driver’s statement.

Blockade of the area

Security has been increased in the entire area where Mukesh Ambani’s house is located after two people questioned Antilia. All the suspects are being investigated by blocking the area, and the Mumbai Police have tightened all the security arrangements.

Antilia on whose target?

Let us tell you, earlier in February, an SUV laden with explosives was recovered outside Mukesh Ambani’s house. Twenty gelatin sticks and a letter were found in the SUV, and Mukesh Ambani and his wife Nita Ambani were threatened in the letter. Mumbai Police SI Sachin Vajhe is still in custody in this case.


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