Maharashtra: Major action in Gadchiroli by Commando Police, 13 Naxalites killed in Encounter

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Gadchiroli: The C-60 Commando Police in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra, has taken major action against Naxalites (Naxali Encounter In Gadchiroli). In this action of C-60, there is news of 13 Naxalites killed (13 Naxals Killed In An Encounter). The encounter with Naxalites took place in the Paidi-Kotmi forest of Etapalli tehsil of Gadchiroli.

Naxalite encounter in Gadchiroli

Let us know that the encounter between the C-60 commando police and the Naxalites (Naxal Encounter) started in the forest in the early hours of Friday. To act, the commandos went inside the forest on foot, so that the Naxalites did not even get a clue of their being there.

At least 13 Naxalites killed in an encounter

Gadchiroli DIG Sandeep Patil said that at least 13 Naxalites were killed in the police operation. Naxalites were killed in Atapalli, a wooded area in Gadchiroli.

Police engaged in investigation

Please tell that after the encounter, the bodies of 13 Naxalites have been recovered. DIG Sandeep Patil says that it was a successful operation against the Naxalites. The investigation is being done in the forest. It may also be that more Naxalites were killed in the encounter. A search operation is going on in the jungle.


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