Know the new rules of Delhi Metro in the full details

Delhi Metro. (Source: Twitter)
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New Delhi: Delhi Metro service is starting from 7th September i.e. next Monday. But travellers are still not aware of the new rules and guidelines. For example, how will the metro enter? How many gaps will the train run? What if I do not bring a facemask? Will sanitizer be arranged or not? We are giving you the answers to all these questions so that you do not face any trouble during the journey.

Now there will be separate gates for entry and exit
Delhi Metro officials say that to maintain social distancing, preparations are being made to reserve separate gates for entry and exit. That is, now you will not be able to enter the metro station from every gate, but only you will get entry from the entry gate and you will be able to exit from the exit gate. Officials further informed that initially all the gates of the stations will not be opened. Gates will be opened gradually only after the operation is normal.

Will have to wait for 7 minutes
In Unlock-4, certainly, everything will not be as common as before. This thing will also be applicable in Delhi Metro. Earlier, every two and a half minutes the metro train used to come on the platform. But now you have to wait for 7 minutes for this. DMRC has already made it clear that the metro will not stop at all stations.

Metro will stay on the platform for long
The train will be stopped for 20-30 seconds instead of 10-20 seconds on the platform. This decision has been taken only to encourage the gradual descent and climb by following the social distancing among the passengers. Metro will stop for 1 minute instead of 35-40 seconds at interchange stations.

1 meter required
Each train will have 300-350 passengers, that is, 50 to 60 people will be allowed to sit in a coach. Only three people will be able to go to the lift simultaneously. It will be compulsory to maintain 1 meter of each other everywhere.

Will not get tokens
Delhi Metro has made it clear that cashless travel will be only in the beginning. People will not get a token to travel. Also, there will be no facility to recharge the Metro Card by giving cash over the counter. Passengers will have to recharge the card through digital mode only.

Expensive masks at the station
It will be mandatory for all passengers to wear masks full time. If you forget the mask at home, then there is no problem. You can also buy a face mask from the metro station. But these masks will be costlier than the market price.

Social hangout forget now
The use of Delhi metro stations has been popular not only for travel but also for social hangouts with friends and friends. For example, at Rajiv Chowk, most people have been meeting at coffee outlets and food stalls within the station. But currently, nothing like this will happen. During the Corona period, a lot of vigour will be taken. No one will be allowed to stay on the station premises without much reason.

Delhi Metro has instructed passengers to carry at least luggage and minimum items of metal. Officials say that while travelling in the metro, you add 15 to 20 minutes more to your travelling time.


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