Kite Festival 2021: Famous Kite Festival of India, where more than one kite is seen

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New Delhi: With the arrival of the new year, people begin to get excited about the Kite Festival. Kite festival is organized in different places of the country. Many experienced kites show their amazing skills at this event. There is a crowd of people who see their artwork at the festival. This year, there is a doubt about the organization of these Kite Festivals of India due to Coronavirus.

India’s kite festival is famous
In India, it is customary to fly a kite on 14 January. Some times, mass kite festivals are held (Patang Utsav), then people like to fly kites on the roofs of their homes. On this day, the whole sky is filled with colourful kites.

This year, in the midst of the Corona outbreak, people will carefully kite from the rooftops of their homes. Know today about the famous Kite Festivals of India, where the kite is scattered in the sky and the sight becomes memorable.


The International Kite Festival in Gujarat – Uttarayan of Gujarat is world-famous. Makar Sankranti is celebrated here with great fervour. On this day people fly different types of kites on the roofs. International Kite Festival is organized here every year from 7 to 15 January. Tourists also come from places like Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia to see it.

If you are also fond of kite flying (Famous Kite Festivals Of India) then you must go here.


Jaipur Kite Festival is celebrated as a big celebration. The festival begins on Makar Sankranti, which lasts for the next three days. On this day, people gather at the pole ground in Jaipur and then the best kites from all over the world demonstrate their skills by flying big kites. This scene of kites flying in the sky is really spectacular.


Kite Festival Of Punjab is very popular. The Kite Festival of Punjab is celebrated on Basant Panchami 2021 and on this day everyone flies a colourful kite in the field. During this time people also fight punches and then whoever wins, is given a prize. Kite Festival 2021 is nothing short of an interesting sport. People come from far and wide to see it.


Telangana International Kite Day is a grand event organized in Telangana. People from more than 40 countries take part in this kite festival held from 13 to 15 January. Along with this, food stalls and exhibitions are also held here. In this event, the sky starts to look amazing with a kite of more than one shape.


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